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Wedding Photography

Acquiring photography services is important for anybody that’s thinking about protecting their wedding day memories. Such advantages of acquiring photography include professional service, verifiable photography experience and a chance to preserve big day reminiscences in a number of formats.

Each wedding is unique... and we've photographed everything from very small (just a few people) services to large, destination wedding events. We'd like to learn about your plans, and then customize our services to fit your needs, providing helpful advice along the way. Having said that, we do offer three standard packages that might be useful in giving you - and us - a place to begin.

We have the experience and equipment to tell the story of your special day through beautiful, creative and enduring photography - all at very affordable prices. And we'll interact with you and your guests in a friendly, non-obtrusive manner that puts everyone at ease.

Call or email us to discuss your unique plans. We'll be happy to provide you with our standard packages... customizing as needed to give you a quick, no-obligation quote. We'd also recommend meeting in person, so that you can be comfortable with the human-side of things during one of your most important life experiences.

And since you're reading this... congratulations on your engagement and upcoming marriage!

Senior Potraits

I never know what I am going to come up with in my Senior portrait photo shoot. I consider myself and impromptu photographer because I let that exact moment, that exact time determine my shooting style for that day. One thing about High School Seniors is: they are fearless in front of the camera and they make my job easy. (Sometimes!)

Senior portraits seek to capture the youth and life of a young adult about to move on to the next chapter of their life. For that reason most senior photos are usually themed by what the seniors' interests are. Senior portraits can be shot on location to add context to the photographs or for a more traditional senior portrait, they can be shot in a studio with a standard background. More elaborate senior portraits can include additional lighting props and post work in which blemishes, hair, etc. are corrected. A good senior portrait photographer will be able to quickly establish rapport with high school or college students, have the ability to help camera shy subjects look their best and will avoid having the use of props look staged and contrived

Family Photography

Your family is your life, your love and your support, and our goal is to capture and preserve all your precious memories to tell your family’s story in the most beautiful way.

Engagement / Save The Date Pictures

As a wedding photographer, it's up to me to prepare my clients for a successful photo shoot. This usually begins at the beginning of our working relationship, the engagement session. I realized I needed to prepare my clients for the type of shoot I wanted in order to get the type of photos they wanted.

This is best achieved by letting them know what I need in advance. Aside from the wedding day itself, these photographs are really important and useful to the couple. They showcase their love and can be used for "Save the Dates," wedding decor, and other things related to their big day.

Corporate Functions | Family Reunions | Expos | Balls | & More

Let L.A. Fotographee cover your corporate event, team building exercise, awards ceremony, take professional head shots or perform any other type of commercial photography desired.

We offer all the basic products and enhancements required to fully document and showcase your program:
- our team consists of experienced, friendly and creative photographers
- we'll join you on your activities to cover all the action
- on-site prints
- customized branding/logo additions
- studio lighting for headshots, step-and-repeats, background replacements etc.
- photography in northern Utah or while traveling with your program
- customized, password-protected internet access to your photos with daily uploads
- your special request... let's make it happen.

Call us to discuss your event and let us customize an affordable package to fit your needs.

You might be unsure about it now, but if you don’t have a photography session while you’re pregnant, you’ve lost the chance to create once in a lifetime memories – you can’t get them back. Photos also trigger memories, feelings, emotions… they help you remember more vividly. Even if you don’t care for the memory for yourself, I can assure you that when your children are older, they will be delighted to see the photos of their pregnant mamma, while they were growing inside of you.

Pregnancy is a thing of beauty, awe and amazement for many people – and it will be for you too if you ignore the cheeky gremlins in your mind telling you otherwise. Gosh, some women surely feel envious and jealous of you too, remembering what a special time pregnancy was and/or wishing they were in your shoes!

You will only be pregnant a few times (if that) in your entire life. No matter if you think you look far from glowing or glamourous, a skilled pregnancy photographer can easily draw out the beauty, love and femininity of pregnancy – you may just surprise yourself…

Professional Headshots

Whether you’re an executive, working professional, business owner or independent consultant, you need professional business portraits to promote your brand. Professional headshots are perfect for websites, business cards, brochures and all your marketing & social media needs. Make your own personal brand and your company’s brand stand out from the rest with polished, professional business photography from L.A. Fotographee.

Graphic Designs
Alston Development Inc.
Post Card Style Invitations

Life’s big events are even better with friends and family in attendance.

I custom designed each and every invitation and then I have a professional printing company print them using meticulous standards and high quality papers.

Your order is professionally printed on premium 130 lb. glossy paper.

Postcards measure 5″ x 7″ or "4 x6"

Proof approval within 2 business days of receipt of your order.
Delivery within 2 1/2 weeks of your approval of your proof. Rush service may be available if needed.

Custom Designed Backdrops

Great step and repeats all have these factors in common:

1) They are done on a fabric material to avoid glare created by the flash on camera

2) They are mounted on a accordion style frame often referred to as a hop-up or pop up in the industry. This ensures the print is stretched and as a result is wrinkle and wave free

3) They come preambled and don't require assembly or tools to setup and tear down. Most of the units that require assembly are an absolute headache and often break down after a few uses.

In any case, next time you are looking for a red carpet step and repeat look us up and we will take care of you or refer you to someone who can!

Jay Wow Designz

Do you need a custom designed T-Shirt for your next event? Birthday, Wedding (Bridesmaid Shirts), Corporate Events, or you may want a t-shirt just because. Either way, Jay Wow Designz can make it happen.

Quality and service. That’s what I get when I partner with Jay Wow Designz. Jay is absolutely amazing to work with. She genuinely love to create and come up with creative designs, in numerous custom styles, all while receiving her best quality service.

Check her out @ Jay Wow Designz on Facebook

How long will it take for me to get my pictures back?
Post-production, or postproduction, is part of the process of filmmaking, video production, and photography. It occurs in the making of motion pictures, television programs, radio programs, advertising, audio recordings, photography, and digital art.
We have an intensive post production process. We like to make sure that every picture is suitable for each and everyone of our clients. We understand that every client is different, so we edit on those particular basis. The standard turnaround time for most shoots is 2 weeks However, for weddings it takes about 4 months.